SIZING your ICONI Leggings‼️

Let’s talk about SIZING your ICONI Leggings‼️In general, we do not recommend sizing down in any legging. Our Core Leggings have lots of compression, so if you want less compression then size up one size. Our current size range is S-2XL in most pieces and we are putting the finishing touches on the first ICONI Curve (XL-4XL) pieces. 

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  • Terry

    Comment on sports bra selection: I’m over 65, and I have bad shoulder, so I struggle with most sports bras that require over the head to put on, but taking off is the real struggle. I’d love it if you could come up with a style that fastens in front (?zipper).

  • Pam

    Just got my first, not last pair of leggings. These things are amazing in regards to fit, style and texture

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