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'Tis The Season to Give Back

2020 has been tough on many people across the globe. Nonprofit organizations have also been affected by the pandemic due to the decrease of physical and monetary donations. Our team thought it was especially important to donate to organizations that provide essentials (food, water, clothing, shelter, and protection) to those in crisis or in need. After receiving many suggestions and understanding the missions of these organizations, we chose three organizations to donate to - Clothes to Kids of Denver, My Sister's House, and Food Bank of the Rockies, donating a total of $10,000. 

We talked with Clothes to Kids of Denver's Executive Director Valerie Lunka and My Sister's House CEO Tosha Connors in the videos below.

Your support of ICONI makes these donations possible! Thank you so much and if you want to donate directly go to iconileggings.com/donate

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