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Meet Our Models

Our diverse models will make it easy for you to find your perfect ICONI size and fit!

Kat, Size S

5'4, 125lbs, 32B Bra Size

Xiomara, Size S

5'1, 130lbs, 32D Bra Size

Dani, Size XL

5'8, 220lbs, 38DD Bra Size

Skyler, Size XL

5'7, 235lbs, 38B Bra Size

Teneka, Size M/L

5'5, 160lbs, 34DD Bra Size

Alex, Size XS/S

5'5, 118lbs, 32B Bra Size

Sandy, Size S

5'3, 128lbs, 34B Bra Size

Amanda, Size XS/S

4'11, 92lbs, 32C Bra Size

Angel, Size M

5'4, 145lbs, 34B Bra Size