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BONES x ICONI Collaboration

"What started out as an intense rivalry between artist Lindsay "Bones" and ICONI's owner Angel as brand new 2nd Lieutenants in the Air Force turned into a beautiful collaboration between two badass women. Fitness is such a personal journey and this collection reminds you that throughout your journey Your Body Is Art. No matter what we wear, our current body shapes, or any of the imperfections we beat ourselves up about, our bodies are beautiful works of art! We have bodies that have birthed children, carry us daily, survived a pandemic, and so much more." - Bones x ICONI Press Release
Hi ICONI Crew, Angel here to give you some more insight into this collection and collaboration.
This wasn't a collaboration with Lindsay "Bones" that happened overnight. We had to do the work personally, before we could ever imagine doing work together professionally. When Lindsay and I reconnected after our first duty station, we did the work by talking through our past issues, taking responsibility for our separate actions and perceptions, and exchanged genuine apologies at our own pace and not just to help the other person feel better. This wasn't a situation where we were using each other for a business deal; we didn't even start talking business until 2020. We had to first grow as women individually and realize that a scarcity mindset does not benefit anyone. Reconciliation doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't happen to ensure a business deal.
Bones and I chose the theme "My Body Is Art," because when you wear this collection, you are literally wearing Bones' artwork! Also we wanted to assert that each of us are living, breathing, evolving works of Art. We are excited for you to experience this collection on June 25th! Below are behind the scenes from the artwork creation and the collection photoshoot; this collection was a blast to create!!!
You can purchase one of the original paintings or canvas prints from the Bones x ICONI Collection at artebybones.com.
- XOXO Angel


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