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The Back to Basics Collection is the essence of ICONI. ICONI is a motivational activewear line due to our culture and sometimes you don't want all the frills. This collection reminds you that you are enough with just your being. This collection helped me get back to my original inspiration for ICONI. This is a collection that you can wear everyday and to every place that makes you want to move.

The nonprofit we will support with this collection is Mile High Miracles. Mile High Miracles is a group of women that have overcome abuse and addiction. Their current rehabilitation phase is focused on getting back to the essence of their beings and who they were before abuse and addiction took over their lives. We are so inspired by the journeys of these women.

I'm so in love with this collection because I finally feel like I have the perfect photos and perfect group of models to convey what ICONI really stands for. ICONI is motivational and INCLUSIVE activewear. Everyone should feel at home with ICONI. I'm so excited for you all to get your hands on this collection!

- xoxo Angel

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